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Welcome to New York City Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery …The Place where you will experience today’s safest – most advanced – minimally invasive treatments… to correct the problems that concern you, to restore normal function – to aesthetically defy aging. 

Dr. White is a Harvard educated, fellowship trained facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. He is specialized in age-defying facial rejuvenation & reconstructive surgeries, skin cancer defects & treatments – facial paralysis, trauma, scar revision and laser treatments.  He is an expert in all procedures of the head and neck and shares his vast knowledge while teaching his specialized, life-changing techniques to other surgeons.

Ultherapy in New York!

The NYU Trinity Center, in the heart of downtown New York, now has an Ulthera System and is offering Ultherapy.  The NYU Trinity Center serves many New Yorkers who live and work on Wall Street and the Battery Park City area.  The NYU Trinity Center is one of the first centers in New York, and the United States, to offer Ultherapy treatments for noninvasive rejuvenation of the face and neck.  We are proud to offer New York’s first “non-surgical face-lifting”.

media coverage...

abc news
Dr. White guest on ABC News to share expertise on Ultherapy Treatment.

New York TimesDr. White is interviewed by New York Times on how the new noninvasive tightening procedure Ulthera would work. Click here to read this article

vogue 2011 ultherapy

VOGUE "Beauty off the Grid"

Dr. White is featured in the April 2011 Vogue discussing the latest technology in non-surgical "facelifting" - Ultherapy. Click here to read the article.


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What is Ultherapy? 
Ultherapy is a new way of lifting the face and neck soft tissue to result in a rejuvenated appearance. No surgery or needles are required. The improvements in the face include a sleek, more defined jawline, and tightening of tissue under the chin.  Sagging skin of the cheeks are tightened and lifted, which in turn produces improvement around the mouth, including the nasolabial folds and marionette lines produced from downturned corners of the mouth.  Lifting of the forehead skin can produce a non-invasive brow lift, making the eyes appear “brighter” and more refreshed.  Effects specific to the skin include an overall improvement in skin texture and evenness of color, as well as tightening the skin to improve tone. More on Ultherapy

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Dr. White will offer his patients today’s full-range of Surgical & Non-Surgical facial plastic and reconstructive treatments – including: Injectables , Non-Surgical Innovations, Facial Reconstruction, and Laser Treatments.   

While Dr. White is committed to bringing his patients only the safest – most advanced options – that have been proven reliable in Facial Plastic Surgery- his ultimate life goal is safe, effective, minimally invasive diagnostics and treatment - for each and every patient. Dr. W. Matthew White –
a New York facial plastic surgeon you can trust.

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