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Lip reduction is an office procedure to reduce overly large – protruding lips to bring them into sync with the rest of the face…

There are typically four types of candidates for Lip Reduction.  They include:  certain genetic/races who are born with thick – overly ethnic lips, second - people who have had botched lip augmentations with undesirable results from too much silicone, third - people who are born with congenital defects such as cleft lips and fourth - accident or burn injury cases that healed with excess tissues such as lumps and bumps that need to be corrected. Lips that are too large can affect daily routine habits such as eating, talking, performing good dental hygiene and others.  Often, children and adults with protruding lips are the object of teasing and ridicule which can contribute to poor self-confidence. 
Dr. White uses today’s most advanced – refined techniques to perform lip reduction and create beautiful lips that are in balance with the other facial features.

How You Can Benefit From Lip Reduction:

  • Lip Reduction is an office procedure that achieves permanent results
  • Lip Reduction reduces overly large – protruding lips to a more pleasing size
  • Lip Reduction achieves facial balance & harmony
  • Lip Reduction can be done in combo with Rhinoplasty, FaceLift & Implants
  • Lip Reduction is safe, effective & commonly performed

A Good Candidate for Lip Reduction:
A good candidate for Lip Reduction is concerned with any or all of the items listed above.  Dr White will assess your concerns to determine your needs and tailor your Lip Reduction procedure to achieve your realistic goals and expectations.  An ideal candidate should be in overall good health and capable of having realistic expectations. Often – Lip Reduction is done in concert with a FaceLift or Rhinoplasty – in order to achieve overall facial balance and your optimal desired outcome.

The Consultation:
Dr. White believes the first consult is critical to both you and him.  It is during this time that you both achieve a mutual understanding, trust and respect. The information you provide is essential to tailoring the right treatment plan and realistic goals. Dr. White will listen carefully and sensitively before developing your surgery/treatment plan.

Lip Reduction Procedure:
Dr. White performs Lip Reduction under local anesthetic and takes about 1-2 hours.  This varies with each patient depending upon the extensiveness of your procedure and if you’re having it done in combo with another facial or anti-aging procedure. The incision is not visible after all swelling has resolved.  The lip size is reduced by removing a small section of tissue from the inside of the lip and then closed with sutures.  The lips will appear slightly too large for a few weeks until all swelling has dissipated.  The deforming swelling resolves over several days.  Most patients take 2-3 days off work such as a long weekend.  Real results may take a month to see while healing takes place.  You will need to maintain a soft diet for 2-3 days and use ice on the lips for the first 24-48 hours to help reduce swelling. 

What Can I Expect After Surgery?
Some discomfort is normal and to be expected but can be managed with cold compresses  and oral pain medication.  Swelling, bruising and some discomfort is normal and to be expected, but all resolves on its own over several days.  Oral pain medication is used to easily manage discomfort- along with head elevation and rest.  You must avoid all strenuous activities for a few days and modify your diet to soft foods.  

Frequently Asked Questions – Lip Reduction:

What Is Lip Reduction Surgery?
Lip Reduction is an office procedure used to reduce the size of overly large – protruding lips.  This is accomplished by removing a small amount of tissue inside the mouth and suturing with dissolvable sutures to achieve permanent results.

Does Lip Reduction Surgery Require Anesthesia?
NO – local anesthesia is all that is required for a lip reduction.

Does Lip Reduction Cause Scarring?
YES.  Dr. White uses advanced techniques but all surgery involves some scarring.  The scars will be well hidden since the incisions are made inside the mouth.

Why Do So Many People Have Lip Reduction In Concert With Other Facial Procedures?
Lip Reduction does not take care of lines, wrinkles or sagging eyebrows or a nose that is too large, has a hump or is crooked - and which contributes to lack of facial harmony and balance. Many of Dr. White’s patients customize their treatment plan to include a FaceLift, Rhinoplasty or other age-erasing facial procedures to achieve their ultimate goals and look at least 10 years younger.

How Much Downtime Is Involved Before I Can Return To Work?
Swelling, bruising and mild discomfort is normal and to be expected for a few days. If you have only Lip Reduction performed – you should be presentable to return to work within 2-3 days. Cosmetic mineral makeup camouflages any residual bruising until it’s all gone. 

Does Insurance Cover Lip Reduction Surgery?
Insurance does not pay for cosmetic procedures unless they are proven to be medically necessary. 

Is Financing Available for Lip Reduction Surgery?
YES - Financing is available today for cosmetic procedures. Ask about this in our business office.


Choosing A Facial Plastic Surgeon:
Choosing a surgeon is serious business and should require certain factors in order for you to trust and place your confidence in this surgeon; is he qualified to perform the procedure you need/want safely and effectively, does he have excellent training, a proven track record, and is he specialized in the areas of concern?  Dr. White is in a special league of surgeons who have been trained in Ivy league schools and who have many extra years of training and experience through “fellowships” – which involve extra years of rigorous training/experience.  He is specialized in procedures of the head and neck – and he teaches other surgeons – the life-changing techniques that he uses for his own patients.

Dr. Matthew White is a cosmetic & reconstructive facial plastic surgeon –you can trust him to use safe, effective, proven – minimally invasive techniques – to achieve the outcomes you want & deserve.

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