Rhinoplasty is one of the most elegant & complex surgeries performed today.
Each year over ½ million men, women & children have their noses reshaped…

Rhinoplasty NYCAs one of the top providers of the rhinoplasty NYC has to offer, Dr. Matthew White knows how to hone the fine details and nuances of a rhinoplasty. As one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures available, a “nose job” can address either cosmetic or functional nasal concerns, and it can be helpful for people of various ages and ethnicities. While some people seek rhinoplasty surgery to reverse damage done by disease or injury, others may simply wish to enhance their facial aesthetics from years of discontent.

Providing top facial plastic surgery in NYC, Dr. Matthew White is experienced with enhancing the nose to complement the rest of your face, while maintaining the unique characteristics of your ethnicity. He pays attention to every detail to provide the most natural-looking, beautiful results. His experience and precision have garnered respect and satisfaction from patients who consider him to be one of the best surgeons of the nose job NYC available.

If you would like to learn how Dr. White can improve the look or function of your nose, please schedule a consultation at our New York City practice.

Benefits of rhinoplasty

If you’re considering undergoing a nose job in NYC, you probably have a cosmetic or functional imperfection that you would like to address – such as a protruding nasal tip, a crooked bridge or a deviated septum. Once these issues are successfully resolved, you can look forward to a number of potential benefits, including:

  • A balanced and symmetrical facial appearance
  • A more attractive nasal shape that blends in with your other features
  • A smaller and more proportionate nose that fits in with the rest of your face
  • A smoother and more elegant look, thanks to the removal of bumps and other imperfections
  • The ability to breathe easier
  • An improved quality of life
  • Increased confidence from feeling good about your appearance

Candidates for Rhinoplasty New York

Good candidates for our rhinoplasty NYC surgery center are generally in good health and have realistic expectations for their results. Although Dr. White treats a range of ages, we do require teenage girls to be at least 15 years old and teenage boys to be 18 years or older. It is important to wait until growth is complete before operating on the nose, as results can become altered if the surgery is performed too early in life.

If you wish to achieve one or more of the following effects, you may benefit from nose surgery:

  • Change the size, shape or angle of the nose
  • Correct functional damage, such as a deviated septum
  • Improve your breathing
  • Straighten a hump or dip
  • Create symmetrical appearance
  • Enhance the appearance of the nostrils

At your consultation, Dr. White will help you understand how a rhinoplasty can aid in your aesthetic and functional goals, and discuss all aspects of the procedure.

Your rhinoplasty consultation

Before moving forward with your rhinoplasty, you will need to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. White. During that meeting, the two of you will discuss a wide range of topics related to your procedure – including your health history, current medications and any other issues that could affect your candidacy. From there, Dr. White will review your unique goals for surgery and assess the cosmetic and functional imperfections you’d like to address. All of this information combined will allow him to determine if it’s possible to achieve your desired outcome with a rhinoplasty.

Once the consultation is complete, Dr. White will compose a custom treatment plan based on your needs. He will make recommendations regarding which rhinoplasty approach will work best, the results you can expect and the type of anesthesia that is in your best interest. He will then walk you through the procedure, so you feel completely prepared for the journey ahead.

The Procedure: Rhinoplasty NYC

Based on the extent of your needs, Dr. White will perform either an open or closed rhinoplasty. An open rhinoplasty involves incisions made inside your nose with a small opening under your nose between your nostrils – this is typically used for more complex cases. For closed nasal surgery, the incisions are made strictly within the nose. With either technique, any scarring from the incisions is usually barely (if at all) noticeable.

During your consultation, Dr. White will help you determine which approach is in your best interest based on the changes you’d like to make, your unique reasons for having the surgery and the natural shape of your nose. For example, if you desire a dramatic transformation, or if you’re undergoing the procedure due to an injury or trauma, Dr. White will typically recommend the open approach. This will allow him to make very precise changes to the underlying structure and address a wide range of cosmetic and functional issues. Conversely, if you only need to make very limited adjustments, such as refining the nasal bridge, a closed rhinoplasty may be the ideal approach.

Dr. White utilizes general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation to help you feel more comfortable throughout the procedure. During your surgery, excess tissue, cartilage and/or bone are removed and your nose is reshaped to address your individual needs. If additional facial procedures are needed to reach your overall aesthetic goals, such as a brow lift or lip augmentation, they can often be done at the same time as our rhinoplasty NYC procedure.

I can breathe easier because of you, Dr. White! Thank you!

The Recovery Process

For several days following your rhinoplasty procedure, you should expect some bruising and swelling. Mild discomfort is normal and can be alleviated with oral medication. For at least the first day post-surgery, you need to keep your head elevated, and you may require additional dressings, depending on your situation. Dr. White’s patients can typically return to work one week after their surgery, but all strenuous activity should be avoided for the first three weeks. Each patient will be given more details on how they can promote proper and safe healing throughout the recovery process. As a recipient of one of the best nose jobs NYC has to offer, our patients will correspond with Dr. White throughout the recovery process.

Your rhinoplasty results

The most exciting aspect of your nose job is undoubtedly the final outcome. Prior to surgery, Dr. White will preview your anticipated results using digital imaging technology, so you generally know what to expect after the procedure.

In terms of your actual results, they will become apparent slowly. In fact, it can take up to a year for the final outcome of your nose job to develop. During this time, the shape of your nose is settling, and all of the swelling and bruising is still going down. With that said, you will notice a visible difference in the shape, appearance and function of your nose within the first few weeks after the procedure.
Nose Job NYC

Frequently Asked Questions about Rhinoplasty

Q: Does Dr. White perform rhinoplasty revision procedures?
A: Yes. As a skilled and experienced facial plastic surgeon, Dr. White often performs revision surgeries for patients who have achieved an unsatisfactory result with a previous surgeon. Rhinoplasty can be a very complex procedure and some surgeons are not capable of delivering the optimal results patients expect. Using his vast knowledge of rhinoplasty and advanced nasal reconstruction techniques, Dr. White can develop a customized surgical plan to achieve your goals.

Q: How much does rhinoplasty cost?
A: The exact cost of a rhinoplasty in New York with Dr. White can vary based on the complexity of your case. During your consultation with Dr. White, he will thoroughly explain his proposed treatment plan and detail the exact pricing for the procedure. If your rhinoplasty is in any way medically necessary, your medical insurance may cover all or a portion of the cost for your surgery. Our friendly and capable office staff can help you work out the details with your insurance company. For patients interested in payment plans and other financing options, we offer several different alternatives to make paying for your surgery more comfortable.

Q: Why should I choose Dr. White to perform my rhinoplasty procedure?
A: Rhinoplasty is considered to be one of the most complex facial plastic surgery procedures and many plastic surgeons do not perform it for this reason. Dr. Matthew White, however, is well known for the outstanding results he routinely achieves in both rhinoplasty and nasal reconstruction. As a double-board certified surgeon specializing in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, he has the extensive education, proven skill, and experience necessary to successfully repair and reshape a wide variety of concerns relating to the form and function of the nose. This is why he performs the most cutting-edge nose job NYC has to offer. To get a better sense of the results you may be able to achieve with Dr. White’s help, we invite you to view detailed before-and-after photos of our rhinoplasty patients.

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