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The Golden Angle Lift: Redefining Beauty

The Golden Angle Lift is Dr. White’s signature procedure to restore the beautiful, angular contour of your jawline and neck.

This is not your mother's facelift.

Unlocking Facial Rejuvenation

Dr. White developed The Golden Angle Lift based on the latest scientific research that explains the changes that occur in our faces with aging. We now understand the facial aging process better than we ever have before.

Interestingly, when patients consider taking care of their face, they tend to think only about the superficial skin; and yet when they think about taking care of their bodies, they focus on the musculoskeletal system.

Age related changes in our facial ligaments

The Hidden Impact of Musculoskeletal Changes

Both layers are actually important, and now we know that the musculoskeletal system is more critical to understanding facial aging than we ever realized.

As we journey through life, scientific research has shown that our facial bone structure remodels. This causes the key supporting ligaments in our face to stretch out, very much the same as in our joints. The facial supporting ligaments anchor the connective tissue canvas (the S.M.A.S.) to our facial bone structure, the very same way elastic bands allow a fitted sheet to hug a mattress. When we begin to reach our mid 40’s, our joints feel different – and our faces begin to look different!

A Personalized Approach to Facial Rejuvenation

Traditional facelifts have attempted to pull the skin tighter, but patients looked windswept and distorted. The Golden Angle Lift does not pull the skin tight, and there is no pulling or cutting of facial muscles. Instead, Dr. White focuses on repairing the 3 critical supporting ligaments in our faces, to contour the cheek, jawline, and neck.

No longer can we rely on a one size fits all to facial rejuvenation. You cannot pull or sure and grafted skin titer. It looks distorted. Similarly, we have learned that the face does not age by simply deflation. You cannot just refill without any consideration or appreciation of a patient's unique bone structure. Dr. White spends time with the patient to evaluate their unique bone structure, and the amount of facial ligament laxity. He then tailors a personalized procedure for a beautifully rejuvenated jawline and neckline.

Key Points:

  • Medical research now confirms that your Facial Bone Structure changes as you age. This causes the facial ligaments, that support a vibrant facial contour of our soft tissues in youth, to stretch out as we get older – just like the ligaments in our knees and shoulders!
  • Dr. White’s signature procedure The Golden Angle Lift focuses on repairing 3 key supporting ligaments in your face – NOT pulling the face tighter.
  • A small incision is required that begins in your hair right in front of your ear
  • Patients can work from home for 10 days, and Red Carpet Ready in 2 weeks.
  • Minimal incision access is needed for ligament repair

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