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Nasal bone fractures are the third most common injury involving bone breakage in the entire body – and the nose is the most frequently broken facial bone.

Our facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Matthew White, is skilled and experienced with procedures to correct nasal fractures and breaks. A single injury to the mid-face can cause a nasal fracture, and unfortunately, that’s often accompanied by a deviated septum. The most common causes of a broken nose are vehicle accidents, sports injuries, falls, and fist fights. The risks associated with nasal injuries include an increase in nasal obstruction, nasal congestion, loss of smell, and abnormal snoring.

While surgery is not always needed in cases of nasal fractures, Dr. White can perform nasal reconstruction surgery when necessary to restore function and appearance to the nose and the mid-face.

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Nasal Reconstruction Surgery Benefits

The benefits of nasal reconstruction surgery include:

  • Restoring/maintaining the size, shape, and angle of the nose
  • Correcting damage from injury or previous surgery
  • Restoring normal breathing and sense of smell
  • Reducing snoring
  • Improving the overall appearance and function of the nose


Any person who is experiencing trouble breathing due to a nasal fracture or has suffered a change in appearance is a possible candidate for nasal reconstruction. Individuals who have suffered a traumatic nasal injury should be seen in an emergency room or surgeon’s office within 7 days of the injury.

Patients who are able to have a nasal reconstruction consultation soon after injury are more likely to have improved surgical outcomes.

Nasal Reconstruction Procedure

During nasal reconstruction surgery, patients will be made comfortable with the use of local anesthesia and sedation or general anesthesia while Dr. White repositions the nasal bones and makes necessary corrections. Following surgery, a cast is worn on the nose for 7-10 days for stabilization and protection. In more complex nasal reconstruction cases, the patient may be required to have the surgery performed in a hospital. Many of the same techniques used for rhinoplasty surgery are also used for nasal reconstruction surgery. In addition, nasal reconstruction surgery can correct unsatisfactory outcomes from a previous rhinoplasty.

While the typical duration of nasal reconstruction surgery will vary from patient to patient, simple cases take about 45 minutes to perform and more complex cases can take 3 hours or more. For simpler cases, a closed rhinoplasty technique will be used and all incisions will typically be made inside the nose. More complex cases will require an open rhinoplasty technique in which incisions are created inside the nose and beneath the nose between the nostrils. All scars should be inconspicuous after surgery, with closed rhinoplasty incisions mostly hidden inside the nose and the open rhinoplasty incision concealed on the underside of the nose, which should eventually fade into a thin line.

Broken Nose Reconstruction Manhattan New York

The Recovery Process

Patients should expect some degree of swelling and bruising for 2-3 days after surgery, though oral pain medication will often easily manage any discomfort. Patients are also expected to stay in bed the first day after surgery and keep the head elevated. All strenuous exercise and activities will be restricted for a minimum of 3 weeks while the area heals. Dr. White also recommends avoiding lifting, bending, stooping, and straining during recovery.

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