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Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, is the ideal cosmetic procedure for men with a structurally deformed or aesthetically displeasing nose. The surgery addresses all your cosmetic and functional concerns to ensure optimal facial harmony. Dr. W. Matthew White is pleased to offer the most advanced rhinoplasty techniques to improve your nasal structures without leaving any trace of cosmetic work.

Why Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a complex cosmetic procedure that addresses structural issues related to the nose. The surgery usually involves making incisions outside or inside the nose to adjust the nasal soft tissues, cartilage, and bone according to the patient’s expectations. If you have functional concerns, like breathing, the surgery might involve fixing a deviated septum. The specific surgical techniques depend on your goals and concerns.

Male rhinoplasty allows men to ensure that their nose complements other facial features, ensuring optimal proportions and facial harmony. It also minimizes the appearance of perceived imperfections, such as a bulbous tip, large hump on the nose, droopy nose, crooked nose, etc. Depending on your specific goals, a rhinoplasty can masculinize your facial appearance while improving your speech and breathing.

The Objectives of Male Rhinoplasty

Male and female rhinoplasty are similar in strictly procedural terms. However, they often differ in the aesthetic goals and objectives. Women often undergo a rhinoplasty to soften the nasal features with obtuse angles. Men have the opposite objectives, i.e., making the nose seem more angular, thereby masculinizing the nose and facial features.

The following are some of the common features associated with a masculine nose:

  • A straight bridge and nasal tip.
  • A 90-degree angle between the nose and upper lip.
  • High and wide nose bridge.
  • More prominent nasal tip projection.

Rhinoplasty Benefits

  • Masculinizes the nose and face.
  • Improves overall facial harmony.
  • Fixes structural defects on the nose.
  • Improves overall self-confidence.
  • Improves breathing and speech.

The Rhinoplasty Procedure

Your rhinoplasty procedure starts with a comprehensive consultation with Dr. White. He reviews your health history and current medications, discusses your cosmetic and functional concerns, and examines your nose. He makes a detailed assessment to outline your primary concerns and curate the ideal treatment plan according to your specific goals. Once he’s curated the treatment plan, he walks you through every step of the rhinoplasty surgery and recovery.

Your rhinoplasty is performed as an outpatient procedure at Dr. White’s accredited surgical center. Depending on your goals, he performs a closed or open rhinoplasty. A closed procedure is suitable for minor adjustments, necessitating small incisions hidden inside the nostrils. An open procedure is suitable for major adjustments, necessitating an incision at the base of the columella to open the nose flap and adjust the nasal bone.

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation, depending on the surgical techniques. Dr. White removes excess tissues and cartilage, chisels the bone, and reshapes the nose to produce the desired nasal appearance. He personalizes each treatment according to your goals and ethnicity, ensuring that you don’t lose the markers of your ethnic identity in the pursuit of a more cosmetic nose.

Recovery from Rhinoplasty

You’ll experience swelling and bruising for several days after the rhinoplasty, but the pain can be managed with prescription medications. You’ll have to keep your head elevated, use nasal splints or packing, and avoid physical exertion for the first few days. Most patients can resume work and daily activities in a week, but some patients need more downtime. You must avoid strenuous activities for at least three to four weeks. The final results will manifest in a year.

Male Rhinoplasty in NYC

Why Dr. White?

Dr. W. Matthew White is a double board-certified facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon specializing in rhinoplasties for men. He’s one of NYC’s leading facial plastic surgeons and boasts an incredible educational background, having completed his fellowship at the prestigious Wellman Laboratories of Photomedicine, Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. White was also chosen as a Castle Connolly “Top Doctor.”

Please schedule a consultation with Dr. White to discuss your rhinoplasty options.

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