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Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, is a procedure to alter the nose in order to place your facial structure in more well-balanced proportions. Harmony Rhinoplasty is about much more than that. The procedure still targets the nose, but the effects enhance the entire face, giving you even facial distributions that are pleasing to the eye.

A New Take on the Traditional “Nose Job”

The Harmony Rhinoplasty was created after reviewing studies on how the retina processes the face. These studies showed that initially, when a person meets another person, the retina scans the face and processes it. In a matter of milliseconds, conclusions are drawn and a person is sized up, judgements are made, and conclusions drawn--all from one glance at the face. This sizing up and judging is a natural human tendency.

The information gathered by the retina is then processed by the brain, allowing a person to think with emotions and expressions. Is this face perceived as a threat? Is it friendly? Is it tired-looking? Is it young or old? Is it a beautiful face?

Bringing Balance to the Face

What we found in patients who desired to change the appearance of their noses was that the nose was frequently “out of balance” with the rest of their facial features. Their features don’t appear as pleasing because the nose itself is dominating or altering the way the face looks, especially when it comes to the eyes. Harmony Rhinoplasty is all about the eyes. What we have found is that when the nasal features are placed in harmony with the rest of a patient’s unique facial features, all a person sees is the eyes. What they don’t see is a rhinoplasty.

These photos help capture how Harmony Rhinoplasty impacts facial balance.

Take a look at these photos and decide what you think about them.

Harmony Rhinoplasty NYC

In the “before” photo on the left, the eyes are drawn to the tip of her nose. The nose is an overpowering structure that draws attention. It’s slanted to the right. The nose is larger in this photo, and it appears bulky and out of balance. In the “after” photo on the right, you just notice how beautiful her eyes are.

Harmony Rhinoplasty with Dr. Matthew White

Dr. Matthew White’s experience and excellent results with the fine details of a rhinoplasty have given him a reputation as one of the best “nose job” surgeons in NYC. He has now developed the Harmony Rhinoplasty to create a face in balance, one that says, in the milliseconds it takes for another person to size them up, “I am young, I am beautiful, I am pleasing to the eye.”

If you would like to learn more about this procedure with Dr. White, the first step is scheduling a consultation at our New York City practice.

Harmony Rhinoplasty Consultation

Before going forward, Dr. White will sit down with you and discuss the procedure, your health history, current medications and anything else that is relevant or important to the details of the Harmony Rhinoplasty procedure. Dr. White will then review your goals for surgery and assess the cosmetic and functional imperfections you’d like to address.

Once the consultation is complete, Dr. White will design a custom treatment plan for you. He will walk you through the procedure, including the type of anesthesia that will be best for you, and cover any questions or concerns you may have. This allows you to feel prepared for your Harmony Rhinoplasty.

For more information about the procedure itself, risks, recovery time or other questions, please see Dr. White’s main rhinoplasty page.

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