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I came to Dr. White with a severely deviated septum (twisted in random directions and completely blocking one side of my nose), fractured nose, collapsed nasal valve on one side, and swollen turbinates - all of which I had been dealing with my entire life. He fixed all of those problems in a single surgery where I experienced near zero side effects. Overall, it's clear to me that Dr. White is an extremely skilled surgeon and I'm glad I trusted my gut and went with him to do this kind of reconstructive procedure. Update after a few months: swelling is 99.99% gone, voice is clearer, breathing is much improved. I went from 0% (nose was truly completely blocked) to 80% I'd say and it's quite a big difference. I haven't had any complications at all and would still highly recommend going with Dr. White. - BK

Dr White performed reconstruction of my nose following Moh’s removal of a basal cell carcinoma. Let me start by saying that the removal of my carcinoma was serious business: they removed a large portion of my nose and I was truly terrified that I would never look “normal” again. As soon as I met Dr. White and his nurse Soledad, I knew that if anyone could save my looks, it was them. Almost 3 years later, the results speak for themselves. I can see a small scar, but it is very faint and definitely hard to notice. With a little foundation and powder, it’s barely perceptible…and I’ve had (honest) people tell me it’s not noticeable at all unless you’re looking for it. Honestly, given the state of my nose when I sat down in his chair, it’s a miracle that it looks as good as it does. Thank you, thank you, thank you for saving my nose, my face, and my self-confidence. Please don’t think twice about going to this doctor. He is the best kind of mensch: a competent one! I am so glad I ended up in his office and not anyone else’s. - EB

From the moment I walked in the door at Dr. White’s office, I immediately felt like I was suddenly part of this amazing family. I made my initial consultation with him because I was concerned with how my face was aging, specifically in the neck and jowl area. During my consultation, Dr. White took time to really listen to what I wanted to achieve with my surgery. When I asked his opinion, he was truthful, compassionate and kind. He gave me an honest opinion about what he felt would be best for what bothered me most. He knew that a neck lift was just what I needed and he assured me that his goal was to give me a beautiful, natural result that I would love. And he was 100% right! My results were just as he promised and then some. I look so natural that no one that didn’t already know I was having surgery has been able to tell. Following my surgery Dr. White was so gentle and made sure I experienced as little discomfort as possible (which really wasn’t anything at all!) when he took out my stitches. Throughout my entire recovery he listened to and addressed all my concerns (all part of the normal healing process) with patience and understanding. I really felt like he always listened to me. Not only is Dr. White truly the best, but his staff could not have been better. It’s been a little over a year since my surgery and I continue to get “wow, you look great!” without anyone having any idea that I had anything done. If you are experiencing concerns with facial aging, Dr. White is definitely the doctor you should see. I truly believe there is no other doctor in all of NYC like him! Make the call to Dr. White, you won’t be sorry! - LT

I can't recommend Dr. White enough. My rhinoplasty consultation with him was the first I attended, and it ended up being my last. Once I sat down with him to discuss my surgery, I knew I didn't need to look any further for the right surgeon for me. He is sincere, knowledgeable, and professional, with a great bedside manner. Several weeks post-op, I couldn't be happier with my decision and am already thrilled with my results. Prior to seeing Dr. White, I had trouble breathing, and I was unhappy with certain aesthetic aspects of my nose. My biggest fear was that I would come out of surgery looking unrecognizable, but Dr. White quickly put me at ease with his commitment to giving me the natural look I desired. I was also immensely pleased with Dr. White's preparedness when it came to the structural aspects of my nose. At his recommendation, I went for a CT scan prior to surgery to identify any additional issues. This proved extremely beneficial in my case and enabled Dr. White to optimize his plan and approach for my surgery prior to getting in the operating room. Because of Dr. White and his wonderful staff, namely office manager, Steffanie, I felt completely prepared for my surgery and knew what to expect post-op. Dr. White is extremely attentive and genuinely caring, and I felt extremely comfortable in his care. He will not only give you a beautiful nose, but a functional one. - AL

Dr. White performed what I would call extensive reconstructive surgery on my basal cell cancer nose almost 2 yrs ago. It was a large area and challenging. He and his assistant Soledad worked tirelessly for over 3hrs. I have never felt such trust and confidence in two people. The results are impressive. Up close in the mirror I can see a faint scar but I actually believe friends who at social distance say they can't see a thing. And I like the new nose more than the previous one. I love these people for their skills and compassion. - KF

By far the kindest plastic surgeon EVER. And by far the very best in a town where everyone is great. He’s the plastic surgeons’ surgeon! He actually listens to what your concerns are. He does not try to sell you anything. His main concern is the patient. My outcome is so natural. He takes his time & is quite gifted. Highly recommend him. Why go anywhere else! And he was recommended to me by a plastic surgeon. The best! - HK

Dr. White performed a rhinoplasty on my 17 year old three months ago and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Our daughter loves her nose! His bedside manner and follow up surpass expectations. One month after surgery we had a question, text him at 10PM on a Friday night and he called us right back. We highly recommend Dr. White for a rhinoplasty procedure as he does excellent work and his follow up is beyond comparison. Plus his office staff are all wonderful and always accommodating. - KT

Dr. White did my face lift perfectly, tastefully, and safely. He’s available before and after the procedure, and is generous with his time in follow up visits. I recommend him wholeheartedly. - SM

What a great experience beginning to end — the office admin answered all my Qs, Dr White was just as kind as every review said he would be. He was honest about my desired procedure — and suggested a different specialist for me. I wish he was the right Dr for me — what a pleasant experience! - TF

I have seen Dr. White for conservative and beautiful filler for years now. He has always been so patient and kind, answering any and all questions I have. I really appreciate that Dr. White won't just push products or procedures on you if he doesn't think you need it. I also love that his practice doesn't force you to purchase an entire syringe of filler if he thinks you only need 1/4 or 1/2. There is no one I would trust more with filler or injectables--especially in the delicate tear trough area. I have referred friends to him for rhinoplasty as well and they all came out fabulous. Dr. White has a wonderful positive energy about him and he is just one of the sweetest people! I highly recommend him for anything you need above the neck. His staff is also very polite and helpful. All around, a great team! - BG

I can’t recommend Dr White enough. I’ve been self conscious for years about my jawline and jowls but too nervous to do anything about it. To trust someone with your face is a big scary decision. Dr White was recommended to me by 2 friends both in fashion and completely unrelated. I knew from the moment I met him he was the right choice. He’s such a perfectionist and he genuinely cares about his patients and getting an amazing, natural outcome. It was the best decision I’ve ever made and I’m so happy with the outcome. No one knows I've had anything done.. They all keep telling me my new shorter haircut is so flattering it takes 10 years off!. If you are seriously considering surgery you should do yourself a favor and book a consultation. My only regret is I didn’t do it sooner. -MM

Dr. White is by far one of the best surgeons in NYC. My life has improved tremendously since my nasal septum septoplasty surgery - it was a fix from a different doctor from over 20 years ago. I was very scared to have surgery again - Dr.White & his team put me at ease. Dr.White is a true artist. My nose looks amazing & I get compliments all the time. I highly recommend Dr. White and I can't thank him enough! - HG

From the first time I met with Dr. White for my rhinoplasty consultation I knew I was in good hands. I felt like I knew him all my life. As a nurse myself, having been in the medical field for 7 years, I was extremely pleased with my experience. Every time I met with Dr. White prior to my surgery he made me feel very comfortable and I never felt rushed. I never felt as though I was just another patient. He took his time to explain everything to me and answer all of my questions, no matter how trivial they may be. Dr. White walked me through the entire procedure from what to do to prepare for the surgery to what to expect after. I went into surgery fully prepared and felt extremely trusting knowing that Dr. White truly cared about me as his patient. What really stood out to me the most was the phone call I received the night before my surgery and the day after my surgery. It was Christmas Eve and even though Dr. White was on vacation he still made sure to call me and see how I was feeling the next day. At my one week post op visit I saw Dr. Lee since Dr. White was still on vacation and again I received a call from him that night. Dr. White and his staff are very friendly and a pleasure to deal with. My rhinoplasty was a huge success and I have never felt more confident. I am very happy with my results and I cannot thank Dr. White enough. - JK

From my initial consultation to the final post procedure appointment, Dr. White and his staff were personable, knowledgeable, patient and calm. I was encouraged by him and his staff to contact the office with any questions. I was well prepared for the surgery and all the paperwork necessary was explained thoroughly. I could not have chosen a better specialist. Because Dr. White is excellent at his craft and he provided realistic outcomes, I was delighted with outstanding results. At Dr. White’s suggestion, I followed up with a facial laser treatment which was the icing on the cake!! - FS

I had a Face and Neck lift by Dr White, in August of 2017. I am still so happy with my results. Office staff is so organized, Consultations go very smoothly, the Doctor and his staff are very patient and stay with you to answer all your questions , even if you are nervous and repeat them.Also Doctor White's office does Botox, Valuma and other fillers and injectables. I have been going to his office for these procedures for about 3 years now and extremely happy with all my results. His work with these products is done with great care for a natural result. His pricing for these types of procedures is very reasonable. Very happy I found him as my Doctor. - PW

As the years go by, I continue to be thankful that I went to Dr. White for my rhinoplasty. I had my deviated septum fixed in 2015 after being diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease in 2012. To this day my nose still looks just as natural and perfect as the two weeks after I got it done ( because those first two weeks were rough). Dr.White used bone from my rib to create my new STABLE septum. Three and a half years later and my nose is still standing tall. I also had a lot of trouble breathing due to my deviated septum but after my procedure my breathing improved tremendously. After my surgery I had the freedom to just breathe again and it was liberating. If you want a doctor who cares, a doctor who will listen, and a doctor who will do an incredible job then Dr. White is YOUR guy! - SR

By far the Kindest plastic surgeon EVER. And by far the very best in a town that everyone is the very best. Dr. White is a plastic surgeons’ surgeon. He actually listens to what your concerns are. He does not try to sell you or push you. His main concern is the patient. My outcome is so natural (even 2 weeks post op). He takes his time. His practice is not a factory. He is beyond gifted. A plastic surgeon recommended him and said he was the best! Why go anywhere else? The best of the best! - HKE

I have been in the Fashion and Beauty industry for 20 years - NO-ONE gives you a safer, more natural look than Dr. White. He is a perfectionist on what results you want. Eyes, neck, nose, other doctors charge twice as much and you can tell. With Dr. White, I was told I look 'fantastic' 'YOUNGER' not a clue to me having surgery. Run, don't walk to this surgeon- Best decision you will ever make. - KF

I was recommended to Dr. White by an ENT Doctor. I had a deviated septum that I wanted to fix and also cosmetic issues I had with my nose. I went to Dr. White with my concerns and he answered all my questions. On the day of my surgery he made me feel so comfortable. Steffanie was so helpful through the whole experience, she answered so many of my questions. The whole office is so helpful. Dr. White is the best. My nose looks amazing! - CC

I selected Dr. White after conducting a simple google search. I really appreciated his natural approach to facial surgery. After my first consultation I knew I wanted him to perform my rhinoplasty. He spent ample time discussing my needs, evaluating my nasal structure, and mocking up images. Before the surgery his Practice Manager, Steffanie, was the BEST. She spent nearly an hour discussing all of the pre- and post-op recovery requirements. She even provided me with healing medications that helped significantly. The healing process was the best it could be. Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of pain with any intensive surgery like this, but I had no bruises and could go out publicly in a week and a half. Dr. White called me several times after the surgery to check in. Now, ~3 weeks out from surgery and the results are impeccable. They're identical to our projected photos. His services are personal and individualized. I couldn't have asked for a better doctor. - KB

I don\'t write many doctor reviews, but for Dr. Matthew White, I wanted to reach out to people considering his care. If you are in need of a physician, you cannot make a better choice than Dr. White. Dr. White sits with you and listens to your concerns, then treats you with superior heart and talent. He will consult with you, treat you, address you with care and genuine concern, and follow up with you. He may be busy, but the way he treats you, you would never know it. I have had several different issues to see him about, and his expertise and exemplary care shine through with all of them. Know for sure you are in the right hands. - BA

Dr. White is a genius and his team is simply amazing. I had a lower face and neck procedure with an amazing skin skin treatment for my "smokers lines" that has resulted in a lovely confidence building - natural effect. - CP

Dr White changed my life when he performed facial scar reduction surgery on me in 2012. I had a huge scar and Dr White had to spend something like 1-2 hours more than expected without complaints. I’m so grateful for him and his amazing staff. Thank you guys!!!! - SS


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