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Age-related changes become visible in the mid–face as early as our 30’s… A Cheeklift is a simple procedure that lifts a sagging cheek and restores it to a more youthful position…

People can see the effects of aging on their face as early as their 30’s. Cheeks begin to lose their contour from volume loss, and lines around the mouth and nose deepen, becoming more obvious. Some patients feel this gives them a tired or angry appearance. Dr. Matthew White utilizes the latest technology to offer the safest options to treat your aesthetic concerns.

The mid-facelift, also known as a cheeklift, can be an effective method of minimizing lines and restoring volume loss. In fact, it has been known to erase up to ten years off the face.

Our experienced plastic surgeon customizes each mid-facelift to the precise needs of each individual, which works to provide them with the most natural-looking results possible. During your consultation, Dr. White will evaluate the condition of your skin to determine your needs. At this time, you should explain any concerns you may have as well as your goals for the procedure. Dr. White will tailor the procedure to your unique needs to provide the best possible outcome.

To learn more about the mid-facelift, or to schedule a consultation, please contact Dr. White today.

Benefits of a Mid-Facelift/Cheeklift Procedure

Patients who are in good health and have realistic expectations for results typically prove to be great candidates for a mid- facelift/cheeklift.

Benefits of this treatment include:

  • Typically provides beautiful yet subtle results
  • A relatively simple surgery
  • Can restore a more youthful appearance
  • Results often last for years
  • Usually requires less recovery time than a complete facelift

Mid-Facelift/Cheeklift Procedure

During a mid-facelift procedure, Dr. White will make small incisions above your ears and behind your hairline, so any resulting scarring will be easy to hide. During the procedure, muscles will be tightened, and cheek tissues will be repositioned to achieve a more youthful appearance. The entire procedure takes approximately one hour to complete.

However, if you have another procedure done in combination with the mid-facelift, such as an eyebrow lift or neck lift, then your surgery will take a bit longer.

The Recovery Process

Following your surgery, a head dressing will be placed over the incisions to protect you from infection and to promote proper healing. It is normal to experience bruising and swelling, but it should fade within the first few days post-surgery. If you experience any discomfort during the recovery process, you can control it with pain medication.

For the first one to two weeks, you should keep your head elevated and avoid any strenuous activities, so as to not disrupt the healing process. Overall, there is typically less downtime with a mid-facelift than with a traditional facelift. Patients typically feel presentable and are able to return to work after the first week of recovery. More details about your recovery period will be discussed when you meet with Dr. White for an individual consultation, so that he can do a full evaluation and determine your unique needs.

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For more information about the mid-facelift, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. White, please contact us today.


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