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Prominent or protruding ears can be the cause of self-consciousness in adults, and children can feel that protruding ears make them the subject of unwanted attention. Otoplasty can reshape not only the ears but the individual’s self-image as well.

Dr. Matthew White is an experienced facial plastic surgeon who offers advanced treatment options to help patients affected by prominent ears. Ears that protrude too far from the sides of the head (a condition known as Promin Auris) are an inherited trait found in about 5% of Caucasian children. When a child has prominent ears, they can sometimes become the focal point for cruel remarks from their peers. This type of teasing can be psychologically damaging for children as young as six years old and ultimately lower their self-esteem. His understanding, skill, and care make Dr. White one of the most gifted at performing otoplasty New York City has to offer.

Adults are also not exempt from the psychological effects that can be caused by prominent ears. For those who have lived with protruding ears for many years, they may be especially sensitive in regard to their personal appearance and therefore lack confidence in other aspects of their lives.

With ear surgery, Dr. White can effectively improve the look of ears affected by an enlarged appearance or other conditions. To learn more about the otoplasty procedure or set up a private consultation, please contact us today.

Otoplasty Before & After

Before and After Otoplasty in Seattle Before and After Otoplasty in Seattle
Before and After Otoplasty in Seattle Before and After Otoplasty in Seattle
Before and After Otoplasty in Seattle Before and After Otoplasty in Seattle
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Otoplasty NYC

Otoplasty Benefits

The otoplasty procedure repositions the ears of the patient in such a way that they lay flatter against the head.

Benefits of otoplasty include:

  • Repositioning the ears to create a more aesthetically pleasing look
  • Correcting ear abnormalities caused by trauma or injury
  • Boosting confidence and self-esteem
  • Often little downtime required and a minimal recovery period

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Ear Surgery Candidates

By the time a child has reached the age of six, the ear has already grown to 90% of its adult size. Therefore, children who are six years of age or older are typically eligible for otoplasty surgery. Most patients over the age of six who wish to reposition their ears closer to the sides of the head are candidates for this procedure, provided the patient maintains realistic expectations for results and meets other criteria for surgical procedures.

In addition to “ear pinning” procedures to reduce the appearance of prominent ears, Dr. Matthew White’s skills in correcting abnormalities of the ear due to injury, trauma, or congenital deformities make him particularly qualified for addressing these types of concerns.

Otoplasty Procedure

To perform otoplasty surgery, incisions will be placed behind the ears, which allow for the ear cartilage to be reshaped and ultimately repositioned. Once this cartilage is contoured for a less prominent look, sutures will be added to hold the new position until they fully heal. The entire procedure usually takes about 2-3 hours to complete. To make the process as comfortable as possible for the patient, IV sedation will be used as well as a local anesthetic when necessary. Afterward, otoplasty patients will wear a bandage around the head for the first few days after surgery to protect the ears. Patients often experience aching or throbbing during this time, which can be managed with an oral pain medication.

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The Recovery Process

Typically, Dr. White’s otoplasty patients are able to move around just a few hours after surgery with only minor discomfort. One week after the procedure, stitches will either dissolve on their own or be removed in the office. Most adult patients are able to return to work after a few days and children can usually return to school within a week. However, until the healing process is complete (1-2 months), vigorous exercise, contact sports, or any other activity that might risk injury to the ears should be avoided.

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